Gastroenterology (GI) Services East Cobb, Georgia

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Good health starts from the inside. With help from GI Specialists of Georgia, you can be sure you have the assistance you need. Our East Cobb office in Marietta, GA, is a leading resource in the local community, providing services for a wide range of gastroenterological testing and treatments. Whether you’ve been advised by your family doctor to start routine colon cancer screenings or you’re worried about symptoms, we can offer compassionate care for diseases of the liver, pancreas, and other elements of the digestive tract.

Comprehensive GI treatments

Our team is prepared to handle even the most complicated gastrointestinal conditions, combining knowledge and expertise to provide an industry-leading experience for all patients. We believe in both preventative and proactive approaches to healthcare, offering screenings as well as cutting-edge treatments to help patients stay as healthy as possible.

The services available at GI Specialists of Georgia include procedures and tests for all aspects of gastroenterological medicine, including:

  • Cancer screenings
  • Endoscopy and colonoscopy procedures
  • Hemorrhoidal branding
  • Bravo testing
  • Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopa Pancreatogram (ERCP)
  • Fibroscan tests

Visit our East Cobb office

With a convenient location on the corner of Providence Road and Roswell Road, our East Cobb office is just minutes from the heart of Marietta. Local patients can find us at:

GI Specialists of Georgia, PC
3747 Roswell Road
Suite 314
Marietta, GA 30062

Whether you’re ready to schedule an appointment or you’d prefer to speak with us to learn more about how our physicians can address your medical needs, we’re always here to help. Contact us today at (678) 741-5000 or fill out the form below!